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Health services in Farmacia Zona Franca

analisis facial

Dermo advice

Analysis and determination of the routine and ideal assets according to the type of skin and its ...

analisis facial

Facial analysis

Measurement and visualization of different skin parameters through ...

analisis hemoglobina

Glycated hemoglobin analysis

Measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) for diabetes monitoring, control, and prevention.

Lipid profile analysis

Measurement and determination of the level of certain lipid substances in the blood. How...



In our pharmacy you will find a special optics space with a ...

Rapid analysis of cholesterol and sugar

Rapid determination of blood glucose and cholesterol values ​​by finger puncture.

Alquiler ortopedia

Rental of orthopedic equipment

Availability of rental of orthopedic products and mobility aids.